Representing India At Grade Ranking Championship Is Harsh Chaudhury, An Efficient Taekwondo Expert

May 29 2021 02:48 PM
Representing India At Grade Ranking Championship Is Harsh Chaudhury, An Efficient Taekwondo Expert

We all understand how important at Leeds are in practicality, becausr they don’t just involve themselves in national competitions, but also make our country pride by representing us internationally. However, it is not the representation that they are usually after, they are following their true passions and becoming better at whatever field they have chosen everyday. Harsh Chaudhury is an individual from among those players who have acted upon their true passions before hand, and have stood up successful in the face of challenging situations.

To begin from the beginning, the 8th edition of fujairah open had more than 2000 entries, and out of this people came from all over 43 countries, 1600 of them being from among them. This is actually a great number if we take the players into consideration. Also, 400 of them were UAE based Taekwondo players, making the event all the more challenging. Moreover, after the world Taekwondo headquarters in South Korea upgraded and ranked G2, the event became extremely important for most international players who were participating.

Harsh Chaudhury, an individual from Ghaziabad, participated at the fujairah international championship in Dubai. He started out his career as a player in 2013 as an inter school player, later becoming popular for winning a number of gold medals in not just district level, but also in the state, national and international levels. How impressive is that! Representing the ICSE board has been one of the most prestigious things in his entire life, winning quite a few medals for the board as well.

Harsh Chaudhury was born in 2001, in his hometown itself, and having a very supportive family since the very beginning actually helped him to come this far in life. He is also the owner of knockout arena in Ghaziabad, where he teaches Taekwondo to a number of athletes who have a lot of potential in them. It was observed in an interview how he started to participate in district level competitions, which in turn motivated him to participate in state level also. This went on until he was finally well established, and well trained to become an international player.

Currently, Harsh Chaudhury is using his true skills to help out other individuals who also want to learn the different strategies and tactics of martial arts. It is a two way Rd, he has been using his talents to take classes, and is in turn practising it all himself which would benefit him in the future. Take an initiative, if you are good at something, start doing it today! You never know, it might actually make you extremely popular one day. 

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