RBI quarantines its 50 employees due to corona

New Delhi: The number of corona patients in the country has increased to 724. The whole country is worried about the increasing number of corona patients. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has also become very serious about Corona. This is the reason why the RBI has decided to quarantine 50 unaided employees.

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RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said on Friday that we are cautious about the corona. We do not want to risk in any way, so many steps have been taken. It has been decided to quarantine 50 employees, so that there is no problem in the functioning of RBI. One of the largest institutions in the country, RBI has decided to quarantine its 50 employees. If any RBI employee is found corona infected, then all the employees will have to be kept in isolation ward and they will be tested. The RBI has quarantined 50 employees. That is, it will remain in the office at all times.

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The employees who have been quarantined by RBI, will not be able to meet anyone now. Even he cannot meet his relatives. These people will stay in a place, where no outsider can come in and neither can they go outside. Shashikant Das says that banking work should not be affected, so we have quarantined the employees.

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