Retired professor died while giving discourse, VIDEO went viral

Patna: A painful incident took place due to the ongoing Shree Hanuman Jayanti program at the Maruti Manas temple complex in Chhapra, Bihar. Due to the discourse here, the chief secretary of the temple and retired professor Ranjay Singh suddenly suffered a heart attack, after which he died. In the Hanuman Jayanti celebrations, the discourse of Saint Ratneshwar Ji, who had come from Ayodhya on Saturday evening, was going on. After the end of his discourse, Rananjay Singh was addressing the devotees from the stage at around 7 o'clock, when he suffered a heart attack and he crumpled on the stage itself.

As soon as he fell there was a ruckus on the stage. In a hurry, the members of the committee took him to Chapra Sadar Hospital, and thought him unconscious, where the doctors declared him brought dead. Doctors told that Rananjay Singh died soon after a heart attack. When Professor Ranjay Singh was addressing the public, people were also making his video. As soon as he suffered a heart attack, the incident was captured in people's phones. Its video has become fiercely viral on social media.

At the same time, on the sudden demise of the Chief Secretary of the committee, all the people of the city from the common to the special section expressed their condolences. It is being said that retired professor Ranjay Singh was associated with the establishment period of the Maruti Manas temple and he had a great contribution in the construction of the temple. The members of the committee present in the function told 'Aaj Tak' in detail with their own eyes. He told that after the discourse of Swami Ratneshwar Ji was over in the evening, Professor Saheb was addressing the audience present here. At the same time suddenly his voice faltered while speaking and at that very moment he fell onto the stage. He was immediately taken to Chhapra Sadar Hospital. There the doctor declared him dead after examining him.

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