Revolutionary Cancer Cure Coming to KGMU and SGPGIMS
Revolutionary Cancer Cure Coming to KGMU and SGPGIMS

LUCKNOW: In an exciting development, King George's Medical University (KGMU) and the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) are teaming up with the Central government to introduce a groundbreaking project aimed at producing CAR-T cells, poised to usher in world-class cancer treatment options for patients.
CAR-T cells represent genetically altered T cells for targeted cancer treatment to specifically target and combat cancer cells. Currently, this advanced treatment is predominantly accessible in developed nations and select private medical facilities in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Professor Soniya Nityanand, Vice-Chancellor of KGMU, emphasized the need for reassurance when it comes to childhood cancer, despite its aggressive nature. She pointed out that survival rates are notably high, with a 90 percent survival rate for five years or more for the most common childhood cancer, blood cancer, and a 70 percent survival rate for lymphomas, the second most prevalent type.

Furthermore, Professor Nityanand stressed the significance of early cancer detection through heightened awareness. She also provided solace by highlighting the effectiveness of treatments for cancer relapse, such as bone marrow transplants and immunotherapy.

"KGMU and SGPGI are already actively engaged in performing bone marrow transplants, and we are in discussions with the Central government to domestically produce CAR-T cells. This initiative aims to make targeted cancer treatment more affordable for patients. The necessary funds have already received approval, paving the way for world-class treatment right here," she announced.

Dr. Archana Kumar, a senior faculty member, underscored the critical roles played by nutrition and mental health in the journey of cancer survival. She shared a personal story of her husband, who overcame brain cancer against all odds, thanks to his unwavering mental fortitude and effective treatment.

"His indomitable willpower triumphed over cancer," she added, offering hope and inspiration to those facing this formidable adversary.

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