Rhinos Are Vegetarian Animals, Know Other Interesting Facts

If you've ever done a jungle safari, you might have seen the unicorn i.e. Rhino. They may not look good, but they have a different feature. This giant is the second largest mammal after an elephant. The number has also come down drastically due to the increased poaching. That's why today we're going to give you some interesting facts about rhinoceros that you may not even know about.

Indian rhinos are mainly found in the Kaziranga National Park in Assam state. Two-thirds of the Population of Indian Rhinos, which is around 2400, is found here.

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The Indian rhinoceros, except Asam, are found in West Bengal, Orissa, parts of Uttar Pradesh and also on the lower hills of the Himalayas.

• Indian rhinos outside India are also found in Pakistan, Burma, Nepal and some parts of China.

- The number of Javan rhinos found on The Java Island of Indonesia is only around 50. The species appears to have been covered with plates, but it is actually a layer of skin.

- Sumatran rhinos are found on Sumatra island of Indonesia. The number is only 275.

Rhinoceros are called rhinos in abbreviated form by going rhinoceros in English.

- The height of the rhino can be up to 6 feet and the length can increase to 11 feet.

- On average, rhinos can be between 2000 and 2700 kg in weight. In India, a rhino weight of 3800 kg has also been recorded.

- The five species of rhinoceros that are found are named after (1) White Rhino (2) Black Unicorn (3) Indian Rhino (4) Javon Unicorn (5) Sumatran Unicorn. The first two types of rhinoceros are found in Africa while the rest three are found in South Asia.

• White rhinos found in Africa are not completely white but have a somewhat brownish skin colour. Their mouth is wider than the black rhino.

- Although all rhinos have thick skin, it can be damaged by sunlight due to softening. To protect its skin, the rhinos take mud stools to protect it, thus protecting it from insects except for the bright rays of the sun. They also enjoy bathing in the mud.

Rhinos are vegetarian animals and live by eating grass, shrubs, leaves, etc.

- The horn on top of the rhino's muzzle is not actually a horn. It is a bunch of thousands of thick and strong hair. This is the same substance made from The Katrina from which our nails are made.

- Once the horn of this animal is broken, it rises again.

- Out of the five species of rhino, Indian and Javan rhinoceros have one horn, while white, black and sumatan rhinoceros have two horns.

- The length of the largest horn is measured up to 4 feet 9 inches.

- If the hunter shoots him, he will not be stretched out like animals. He dies as if he were sleeping.

- Rhinos can run at a speed of 50 to 55 km per hour.

- The light of the eyes of this animal is not very good, but they have the power to smell and hear amazingly.

- A herd of rhinos is called crash in English.

- 50% of male and 30% female rhinos die due to fighting.

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