Richa Chadha: Religion is nothing but hypocrisy
Richa Chadha: Religion is nothing but hypocrisy

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha known for her open statements and comments on any subject.She has no fear to speak up about any controversial issue. Richa always ready to put her views publicly.

Richa says, "Religion has become nothing but hypocrisy, be it in terms of how women are treated in the country or the way festivals are celebrated." She says herself not “religious” but has connection with spirituality, "I live in this country, I care deeply about the culture. I am not religious but I am spiritual, so I read a lot about it.'

The Gangs of Wasseypur actress spoke about the women condition in her interview, “How Durga, Sita are important, how each goddess had a role to play in evolution. And then when I see how people treat women, it is really confusing to me. Religion has become about hypocrisy."

According to her, Ganesh Visarjan is an excuse to have party with drink,“During (Ganesh) visarjan, everyone is drunk, playing obscene songs loudly and dancing. They are using it as an excuse to party. By taking large statues made of bad paint, dumping it into the sea, harming marine life and the environment."

“If you say anything then people say you’re not respectful if your own culture. That’s not true. I think we have to question our own culture.”

The 29 years of actress also shared her thinking on gender-based discrimination, where men are superior to women, "There is the issue of rapes in some places, then in some countries, women can’t study too much. In some extreme Islamic countries, women can’t drive. In every culture there is different manifestation but it is across the world.”

On gender-based biasing in Bollywood, the actress said, “Of course they do. Because Bollywood reflects society, we are all living in a society. We are not a special entity. So whatever prejudices society has for us, we carry into the films. That’s the problem.”

Should we mind the views of Richa??????

Richa Chadda will see in another web series along with Vivek Oberoi !

Is she Richa Chadha in chopped hair?

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