This university gave the world's richest professionals, minimum earning Rs 217 crore
This university gave the world's richest professionals, minimum earning Rs 217 crore

There are many billionaires around the world. There are also many good universities. There are many universities in the country and the world, from where students who are studying are becoming billionaires. There is a university that has given the richest to this world. This is the university where the names of most students studying are in the list of billionaires who have done something differently. There are big companies, many of them are rich who have completed their studies from university and got a degree. There are many who have left their studies in between. Who later got an honorary title from here due to their achievements. Only students of this university donate two to three lakh crore rupees in a year.

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A few days ago, a report in this regard was released by Wales X, an organization that gives figures of rich people globally. According to this, Howard University of America has given the most billionaires in the world. This university was established in the year 1636, about 383 years ago. Talking about the establishment till now, the average assets of every student here is about Rs 2,487 crore. Currently, most privately educated students from Howard have earned a minimum of Rs 217 crore. There have been around 13,650 people who, after studying from Howard, became billionaires. If we add all these assets, then it is about Rs 334 lakh crore. Now the question arises on the property of the ancestors.

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Statistics show that only 6% of the people who have become billionaires after studying from Howard are those who have inherited crores of billions. Apart from this, around 79 percent of people have been such, who became billionaires on the basis of their hard work. Apart from this, there are about 15 percent of the people who built a big company with their hard work along with inherited property. Harvard University is counted among the most expensive educational institutions in the world. Here for graduation, the student has to pay fees of up to Rs 1.5 crore. At present, many students from all over the world get the benefit of scholarship due to the donations received from the people who get rich from studying here. They are able to study here on the basis of their merit. Talking about 2018, the billionaires donated about Rs 2.84 lakh crore to Howard University. This amount was almost 6 percent more as compared to 2017.

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