If you like to eat potatoes, then use this method to cook it, fat will not increase

Sep 10 2019 01:08 PM
If you like to eat potatoes, then use this method to cook it, fat will not increase

Potato is a vegetable that is delicious to eat. Everyone likes potatoes but many people do not eat because it increases their fat. This vegetable works to increase obesity and cholesterol. But do you know that potato is rich in many nutrients? Potato contains a lot of iron, vitamin B6, vitamin C. Apart from this, potato is also a rich vegetable with antioxidants. So now the question arises that if the potato is so healthy then why do people hesitate to eat it. Today we are going to tell you about this.

Often, the way people cook and eat potatoes is not good in terms of health and as a result, problems of obesity, lethargy, indigestion, and fat accumulate. Sattu ladoos are full of strength and nutrition, try today only. Know the right way to cook it.

According to experts, eating boiled potatoes, roasting them or cooking them in a grilled way is a very healthy way. But keep in mind that during these methods, do not use oil or butter when cooking potatoes. You can also eat potato by mixing it with other vegetables.

For cooking potatoes, use water instead of oil. You can eat healthy and fat-free food by using water instead of oil to cook vegetables in a sautéed manner.

Eat them anytime including potato peels. Potato peel contains fiber and flavonoids. Add a little salt, low-calorie toppings and low-fat to the potatoes. This will help you to control your health and weight.

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