Rishi Kapoor-Neetu Kapoor's marriage would never have happened if...

Rishi Kapoor, who won everyone's heart with his stellar performance in Bollywood, may not be among us but he is present in the hearts of the people. His wife Neetu Kapoor has not forgotten him. The couple's love story has been excellent. In fact, Rishi Kapoor, who gave heart to 14-year-old Neetu Singh at first glance, did not have the courage to talk to his parents about him, although his sister led Rishi Kapoor to marry Neetu Singh on January 22, 1980. Now we are going to tell you the love story of the two. Bollywood actors Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh's debut film was 'Poisonous Man' and the two became friends while working in the film. Neetu was 14 years old at the time and at first glance Rishi Kapoor fell in love with Neetu Singh.

Yes, rishi kapoor had said this during a TV reality show. He said that in 1974, while shooting for 'Poisonous Man', I had a fight with my girlfriend, which led to my upset. At that time Neetu Singh helped me to obey me and he helped me write telegrams. Although my girlfriend refused and over time I started forgetting my girlfriend and then I realized that I loved Neetu. They are perfect for me. After shooting for the movie I went to Europe in connection with another project but my mind there didn't seem to be without Neetu. I sent many telegrams from there to Neetu and when I came to India after shooting for the movie, I first expressed my love to Neetu. This is where our love story started. Rishi Kapoor has written in his biography 'Khullam Khulla' that if his elder sister Ritu had not been there, he would not have been able to take his love to the next stop. The actor wrote in his biography, 'He was hesitant to tell his father Raj Kapoor and mother about Neetu. But Raj Kapoor knew about his son Rishi's love. His sister Ritu also knew this. The whole world knew about our love. But I couldn't tell my family about it. I didn't even know if I was ready for the wedding. I was 27 and still living in Chembur with my parents. I was also apprehensive about my career after marriage. Will my career as an actor last longer after getting married? I was thinking about it. I often feel that I would never have married Neetu or we would have been married much later if my sister Ritu had not been there. '

In his biography, Rishi said, 'Ritu had called me to Delhi to attend an engagement ceremony of her family. There he had conspired to get me engaged to Neetu. Rishi Kapoor got engaged to Neetu in Delhi. When he returned, he had a ring on his finger. I didn't know that Ritu was plotting and planning with my friends Gogi (filmmaker Ramesh Bahl) and Ravi Malhotra (father of karan johar's young director Karan Malhotra of 2012 film Agneepath). He also wrote that Dilip Kumar had predicted it at the airport itself. In his book, Rishi writes, 'I met Saira Bano and Dilip Kumar while I was waiting for my flight at mumbai airport. He asked me where he was going and I said I was going to attend an engagement. Then Dilip Saheb joked, "Don't fool me, are you going to get your engagement there?" This proved to be true. Tell all of you that Neetu Kapoor had two children named Ranbir Kapoor and Riddhima Kapoor after marriage.

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