Rj Palak Khurana speaks on her weight loss journey and pro tips to maintain your weight

Jul 21 2021 02:00 PM
Rj Palak Khurana speaks on her weight loss journey and pro tips to maintain your weight

Born and brought up in a typical north punjabi family it was always a challenge for her to be in the midst of all kinds of ghee laden parathas and fried bhature and choose salads. People would tell her to do diet exercise but somehow that never worked. With every failed attempt her self confidence broke furthermore. From cool therapy to painful slimming clinics she tried it all, she lost money, time but not the weight..

Palak explains that being overweight takes over your whole life, it is not just one secret you can tuck away in a closet , it's out there everyday for people to judge , for people to form opinions about you . Lucky for palak when she was about to give up she met “the Jaydeep Bhuta” the celebrity keto diet specialist in mumbai. The fact that he himself lost over 60 kgs in the past gave a lot of his clients a relatable factor, he was a human with temptations and flaws.

The mammoth 25 kg weight loss mission now seemed doable. Palak talks about how now keto is a household name but back in the day people couldn't imagine life beyond sabzi roti. Since palak is vegetarian, paneer and gobi were the only best friends she had. With a lot of research , counting macros, smuggling healthy snacks in theatres, carrying home cooked food to friends' houses or even restaurants, she managed to shed around 25 kgs in 5 months .

Now you would think what a happy ending to a struggle story but wait ..weight is like clingy relatives , the minute you put your guard down it just gushes back in your life. Palak believes when you are in the weight loss mode your body, mind, soul all are entwined to accomplish just one mission but the minute you achieve your goal and sit back and relax you tend to slip back into your old habits and that's what happened. Palak remnises With new weight loss came new dresses and parties and eating out and just in a matter of 2 months she ended up gaining 4-5 kgs back.

This time she wasn't going to go back to her original weight .she decided to take matters into hand immediately Rj Palak Khurana had always dreaded workout, she would pay the gym fees and never land up at the gym , had multiple bahanas like its 70 percent diet 30 percent work out etc etc .but then lockdown happened , now there was no excuse of time /weekend party/work nothing While the whole world was baking banana bread she was learning pushups , squats , plank etc .Youtube challenges /fitness insta lives came to the rescue and within 2 months she shed those 5 kgs but this time not with keto but sweat blood hardwork and just not eating junk.

Her life was never the same, as if she found the holy grail and she finally figured out the way to keep her weight at a bay and still enjoy her life. She substituted wheat with healthy grains like jowar bajra amaranth, started 14 hours intermittent fasting, removed all junk and added 4 times a week tabata. Palak talks about how losing weight can't be a 6 months thing, it has to be lifestyle , you have to choose healthy at least 90 percent of the time , you can have cheat meals and not cheat days , you can have that piece of cake but not the whole cake . Trust me it pays off when you order “s” and not “xl” dresses.

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