For a Psycho thriller film, This popular actor used to run taxi for15 hours a day on the road!
For a Psycho thriller film, This popular actor used to run taxi for15 hours a day on the road!

Kangana Ranaut, the Queen of Bollywood's film 'Judgemental Hai Kya' is going to be released soon. Kangana and Rajkumar Rao Starrer are being described as a psychological thriller and all are desperate to see it. Kangana and Rajkumar are psycho-actors in the film and both have been noted acting fiercely in the trailer. Recently, Kangana said she had nothing to do with preparing for the role. Yes, during a recent conversation, Kangana explained that "she already did the same role earlier, so she didn't have to do much preparation."

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All of you must know that actors have to prepare and work hard to do such characters. In Bollywood, there are many psycho-thriller films made before Judgemental Hai Kya and can include films like Darr and Raman Raghav. At the same time, Hollywood has a number of films on the Psycho thriller that have been classic in cinema history. Yes, all of these ranks in the best psychological thriller in Robert de Niro's movie Taxi Driver.

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Yes, the way Robert immersed himself in the film is like a benchmark. Tell everyone that the story of this film is such that a taxi driver is a mentally ill person who commits many murders to wipe out dirt and corruption from the city. Robert de Niro did a fantastic job in the role, and Robert had reduced his fees for the film and had prepared for it with a lot of dedication.

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He drove a taxi in the streets of New York for a month to understand and adapt his character. Robert used to drive taxis for 15 hours a day and understood the small details of his character. At the same time, he had made a lot of preparations for mental illnesses. During that time, Robert said, "When he started shooting a taxi driver, he received the Oscar Award for his work in the film The Godfather 2. But people didn't recognize them specifically. The taxi driver was identified by people while he was driving a cab in New York one day."

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