Robert Downey Jr to move toward the new movie
Robert Downey Jr to move toward the new movie

New Delhi:-   Robert Downey Jr. has sparked an Oppenheimer-class bombshell with his latest statement. Yes, it's officially said according to RDJ, Oppenheimer is the crowning glory of an actor in cinema.

Now consider the breadth of the actor's impressive career. Even before Downey Jr. donned his iconic Iron Man suit in 2008 and became one of the most famous superheroes on screen, Downey Jr. has gone from Less Than Zero to Tropic Thunder to direct a string of memorable films leading up to Sherlock Holmes. And none of them do as well as Christopher Nolan's latest film as mentioned by Robert Downey Jr.

Nolan and Robert Downey Jr. respect each other and are both members of the Cartoon Brotherhood Nolan directed his DC's The Dark Knight trilogy, and RDJ made a name for himself in Marvel's movie sandbox. And little did Nolan know how lucky he was to have a Hollywood star with RDJ's clout and acting versatility in Oppenheimer's. Nolan told the LA Times.

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For Robert Downey Jr., joining the cast of Nolan's Oppenheimer was a natural fit. Thanks to his time as billionaire Tony Stark, the actor clearly has the advantage of being able to choose his projects without worrying about where his next paycheck will come from.

Downey Jr. was paid a whopping $435 million to play Tony Stark and his alter-ego Iron Man in the 10 MCU movies he starred in, according to sources. 

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We're still a week away from Oppenheimer's theatrical release, but there's no Rotten Tomatoes or CinemaScore rating to indicate just how good Nolan's new film will be. But audiences and critics need to wait no further. The first screening of Oppenheimer was in theaters on Thursday, July 20th. 

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The new movie is named Oppenheimer in which the actor who is famous as Iron Man has cast in it. Robert Downey Jr told that this was the movie that excited him the most and he hadn’t worked like this in any of the movies before this and also made a lot of money out of this.

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