Robert Martuza;Continuous headache can leads to brain tumor
Robert Martuza;Continuous headache can leads to brain tumor

Mainly headaches are usually treated by painkillers, but taking too much pain killers can cause the other body problems.Professor Robert Martuza said, "This is usually a new headache that you've never had before, and it's more of a dull ache,"

Daily basis headaches are never going to end because the short period of headaches are the longer problem because it is the symptom of the brain tumor.

From here the brain tumor starts, and the brain tumor is very dangerous. If a tumor is present, the headaches are likely to be more intense in the morning or at night due to an increase in pressure in the brain when you sleep. Brain tumor patient cannot survive more, it is a disease in which people lost the functions of brain they get pain in anytime.

In early stage of brain tumor if it get noticeable then only it can cure. Never take chance of thinking that it is a kind of normal headache may be it is a brain tumor.

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