Rohit Shekhar Tiwari Murder case: Lawyer Wife Apoorva Shukla confessed her murder’s plan

Apr 24 2019 12:50 PM
Rohit Shekhar Tiwari Murder case: Lawyer Wife Apoorva Shukla confessed her murder’s plan

New Delhi: On Wednesday, Rohit Shekhar Tiwari's wife Apoorva Shukla was arrested after she reportedly confessed smothering Rohit to death while he was drunk. She detained on Sunday along with two domestic helps in connection with the murder.  Apoorva was the prime suspect in the case since the starting as there was no sign of forceful entry was found and she was present inside the house. Earlier, Shekhar's mother Ujjawala Sharma had alleged that Apoorva was trying to take the property of her two sons, Rohit and Sidhhartha.

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She had said "Apoorva and her family wanted to usurp the property of my sons- Rohit and Siddharth because the property was close to the Supreme Court where Apoorva does practice,". As per the autopsy report, Rohit was smothered to death on April 16. The police is now waiting for the Forensic report to reveal to the mystery behind the murder. Experts from Forensic Science Lab, Rohini had visited Rohit home in Defence Colony on Sunday and reportedly recreated the crime sequence. The team suggested that no signs were found which showed that he had resisted while he was smothered.

Rohit was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his residence. He was brought dead to the Max Hospital in Saket.  Initially, Joint Commissioner Delhi Police Devesh Shrivastava had said that Rohit suffered a nose bleed which his servants reported to his mother, who was already at Max hospital undergoing health checkup. Later his autopsy report revealed that he died due to smothering.

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