Rohit Verma opens up about the reason of fallout with Nisha Rawal
Rohit Verma opens up about the reason of fallout with Nisha Rawal

When actor Karan Mehra was detained in connection with an alleged assault, actress Nisha Rawal was thrust into the spotlight. Nisha Rawal filed a lawsuit against her husband, accusing him of physical assault and having an extramarital relationship. Following the accusation, actor Karan Mehra denied the charges brought against him by his wife, asserting that he has not harmed her and characterizing the charges as "baseless". In an explosive interview with Siddharth Kannan, Rohit Verma—who has played a significant role in both Karan and Nisha's lives—spoke extensively about Nisha, Karan, and the widely publicized case.

Siddharth Kannan questioned Rohit Verma about why they are not on speaking terms despite the fact that he supported Nisha Rawal when she accused her husband Karan Mehra of domestic abuse. "Nisha and I shared a very sensitive relationship, and we still do, at least from my perspective," Rohit responded. Every couple fights with their spouses occasionally. I felt like a natural member of their family. Karan used to love me before I sided with Nisha. When you are so close to one another, issues and misunderstandings also come. Since Nisha and I have a strong emotional connection, I have always supported her and will continue to do so. People in the industry are what make the connection who don't acknowledge the assistance and support they receive in spite of becoming well-known. I used to watch Nisha grow when we first met, became friends, and I gave her big break. Many years ago, I came across Nisha on the front page of a newspaper, thanking me for introducing her to the business with the caption, "Today wherever I have reached is because of him." Being a sensitive and emotional person, it means a lot to me to acknowledge someone in this day and age. Following that, we talked, and that is when we really started to get close.

"I, Nisha, and Karan made a very beautiful family," Rohit continued. The journey continued. In 2014, their marriage had issues, but I was able to save it and help Karan see where he was going wrong. Nisha, however, is the type of person who is desperate for love. She was raised in a dysfunctional family and was never loved by her father. Her mother was very patient with her as she was growing up. Nisha's ex-boyfriends were all very affectionate toward her. I've witnessed her journey. She is such a sensible young lady, and Sarasvati can be heard in her speech. She is capable of persuasion. She has that going for her. Her USP is that. She isn't actually all that bad. However, you must let your friend know if they take the wrong turn while you are standing next to them. I am a Krishna-conscious person, so I report anything that is even 1% wrong. Following this, there was fallout between the two, and as of right now, they are not on speaking terms.

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