Ramadan is special month,  first Roza can be kept on 25 April
Ramadan is special month, first Roza can be kept on 25 April

The festival of Ramadan is special for every Muslim person. It is a culinary month and this month is celebrated with enthusiasm. According to the Islamic calendar, the ninth month of the year is Ramadan. It is called the month of Ibadat, in which people keep fast of the Muslim community.  Ramadan is started by looking at the moon and today the moon is likely to be seen. Due to this, the first Rosa of Ramadan can be kept on tomorrow i.e. Saturday 25 April.

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Not only this, but Ramadan has also started in some parts of the country from Thursday. In the religion of Islam, the month of Ramadan is considered very holy. According to belief, Ramadan month is for the worship of Allah. This month, Rosa is kept. Namaz of all the five times is done and the worship of this month is many times more fruitful than the other months.  Allah opens the way to Paradise for the person. According to the practice of Islam, fasting is mandatory during the month of Ramadan and in the month of Ramadan, Sahari and Iftar are two important rituals.

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When food is served in the morning during Ramadan, it is called Sahri. It is done before the sun sets in the day. when the sun sets in the evening, then the Roza is opened, it is called iftar.

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