Bird slams into girl's face as she rides on a rollercoaster

Aug 03 2019 03:46 PM
Bird slams into girl's face as she rides on a rollercoaster

You will also be surprised to hear of a woman having an accident at The Queensland Movie World in Australia. Though the case was strange, it did not hurt. Actually, a 10-year-old girl sitting on a rollercoaster ride in Amusement Park. As she went upstairs, she started screaming out of fear. It was then that she was surprised and scared for a while. She also shared this information on Facebook. Know what the case has been.

In fact, when the girl on the rollercoaster ride was screaming, suddenly a bird came. In the meantime, the bird hit the head. The incident happened with Page Ormiston, who lives in Queensland. The video was shared on social media by her mother Nicole Ormiston on Saturday. Along with this video, he wrote that a bird hit the page during the 'rollercoaster ride.' The bird hit him very hard. There are bird's marks on his shoulder. She's quite scared. But not much has been hurt.' video can be seen here.

He said: 'I was quite scared because I didn't know what to do, I was locked in the seat. I saw that she was white. She came and attacked.' After that, the girl's screams came out louder. This video is being watched and quite liked too. This viral video has over 4 million views. Speaking to 9 News, Page said the incident was quite scary.

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