44 people were injured when a waterpark wave machine launched a tsunami
44 people were injured when a waterpark wave machine launched a tsunami

Having fun at times becomes a punishment for you. Something similar has happened in China where people in the waterpark were having fun but the incident happened to them. A wave machine suddenly broke out in a waterpark in northern China, causing a sudden tsunami. In the same way, about 44 people were injured because of the tsunami. The video has gone viral on social media, after which it has come to light.

In fact, officials at Shuiyun Water Park said, "The wave machine malfunctioned and the employee operating the machine was drunk which caused the accident. A video on social media is rapidly going viral. In this video, you can see the swimming pool enjoying the afternoon, and at the same time there is a sudden big wave and at the same time, it drains many people. Several children and adults were injured by the wave. When all calmed down, people were sent inside where people lost their lives but were seriously injured.

Meanwhile, a woman was lying inside the pool. There was blood on his knees. A 10-feet-high tsunami caused the breakdown of the wave machine, which shattered the bones of many people. In the video, you can clearly see how fast the wave picks up in the swimming pool and throws people away. The Yulong Bay Scenic Area was opened in 2015 and includes activities such as a glass-bottom bridge, a theme park, a wave pool, and horseback riding.

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