Ronaldo's car crashed

Famous footballer and Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo's supercar Bugatti Veron fell victim to a major incident in the Spanish city of Mallorca. The price of this car was about $2.1 million (more than $16 million). According to the report, Mr Ronaldo's sports car has hit the entrance of a country house and a butane bottle booth. Reports say that Ronaldo was not driving the car in the middle of the accident, but one of his employees was working to drive it.  

The driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle and has hit the supercar on the wall of a house. Where Ronaldo is currently spending a holiday with his family. It is being said that the next part of the million-dollar supercar has been ruined. Investigators have confirmed that no other vehicle was involved in the accident and the driver was not injured.  

It is to be noted that Ronaldo is the most goal-scoring footballer in the history of professional football. He left the chase this year to Joseph Beacon, who has also scored a total of 805 gold according to FIFA records. Not only this, Ronaldo is also the highest goal-scorer in international football, who has 815 goals so far.  

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