Johnny doesn't have money to give to Amber... But shopping every day

Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's contor ltd. defamation case has been in the news for a long time. After several weeks of trial, the decision to compensate each other for the honour of both the parties was also heard. It also issued an order to give 116 crore to Amber to his ex-husband Johnny. Angry with this decision, the actress has said that she cannot pay such a huge amount to Johnny. After this statement, Amber has also been recently spotted shopping.  

According to media reports, Amber has been spotted shopping with her sister Whitney Heard at the discount department store TJ Maxx. His video has started going viral on social media. Reports say that Amber and his sister were seen buying clothes by filling trolleys in the discount store.   In the video, Amber is seen in an oversized white shirt and blue dane mi. Seeing them in the store, a man started recording Amber on camera. When Amber's eyes fell on him, the man has stopped recording. In another video, Amber was seen in the footwear section.  

Travel in private jet-luxury SUV, questions raised on Amber: Reports say that before this video and after the trial, Amber has also been spotted travelling in a private jet. He was seen leaving a private plane outside Washington DC Airlide and sitting in a luxury SUV. Chunki Amber had said that he was unable to give 116 crores to Johnny, so after these videos came to the fore, people had questioned Amber's economic status.

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