Royal Enfield Bullet exploded like a bomb in middle of the road, creating chaos

In the last few days, there have been many reports of fires in electric scooters. Yes, and now amidst all this, there is a case of Royal Enfield which is shocking. Yes, in this case, a new bike caught fire. The incident reportedly took place when the new bullet was standing in front of the temple for worship. Yes and suddenly the bike caught fire and the bullet exploded like a bomb. The whole case is being reported from Mysore in Karnataka. All this has happened to the biker Ravichandra who lives here.

In fact, after buying a new bike, he had gone to the famous Kasapuram Aanjaneya Swami Temple located in Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh to offer prayers. Here on the occasion of Ugadi, swami's rath yatra is held, in which a large number of people from different parts of the country gather on the occasion of New Year to take part. It was here that Ravichandran also chose the holy day of Telugu New Year Ugadi for worship. Yes and Ravichandran was preparing for the whole with a priest, when the bike suddenly caught fire.

At the same time, due to the fire in the bike, there was chaos outside the entire temple and within a short time the fire became uncontrollable and the bullet exploded like a bomb. During this time, the sound of the explosion was also such as if the bomb had exploded and after that the sky also became smoke-smoke. During this time, hearing the sound of the explosion, the people who came to the temple to have darshan and worship started running around and some other vehicles were also in the parking lot where the bullet was parked. A few other vehicles parked around the bullet also caught fire, which was extinguished by the locals with the help of police.

Three cases have been reported so far - In the last few days, there have been 3 incidents of fire in electric scooters. The first was Pune, the second in Vellore and the third incident of fire in a pure EV e-scooter.

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