Russia Agrees to Cancel Contracts for Nepali Soldiers Amid Ukraine Conflict
Russia Agrees to Cancel Contracts for Nepali Soldiers Amid Ukraine Conflict

Russia is prepared to cancel contracts for Nepalese citizens serving in its army amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, said the Nepal's Deputy Prime Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha. Shrestha, who also serves as the country's foreign minister, revealed that Russia has given "in-principle consent" to assist in terminating the contracts of Nepalese nationals engaged in the ongoing war. While the specifics are yet to be determined, Shrestha assured that efforts are underway through the Nepali Embassy in Moscow to facilitate the return of those involved. Last week, Shrestha urged Russia to provide a list of Nepalese citizens serving in its army, acknowledging the challenges in repatriating them from the conflict zone.

The announcement from Shrestha follows discussions with Russian Ambassador to Nepal Aleksei Novikov, during which the ongoing difficulties in bringing Nepali citizens back from the conflict were acknowledged. It's reported that hundreds of Nepali nationals are fighting alongside Russian forces, with a smaller number serving in the Ukrainian Army. However, neither conflicting party has shared comprehensive details with the Nepalese government.

According to a network representing families of victims, 20 Nepali citizens have been confirmed dead while fighting for Russia, while over 260 are missing or out of contact. However, the Nepalese government has officially acknowledged 11 fatalities among its nationals serving in the Russian Army during the conflict. Approximately 700 families have come forward seeking assistance for the safe return of their relatives serving in the Russian army.

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