Russia and Ukraine complete 100 days of war, 6.8 million people forced to flee
Russia and Ukraine complete 100 days of war, 6.8 million people forced to flee

The war between Russia and Ukraine has completed 100 days. In the meantime, the world has changed a lot. The world economy and diplomacy have also seen changes. Talking about the horrors of war, the city of Ukraine, which once looked beautiful, has been destroyed and turned into ruins. The issue of preventing Ukraine from joining NATO has gained such a twist that Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared war if Ukraine does not agree. On February 24, the tensions between Russia and Ukraine over NATO membership have been escalating. Not only that, the world of Europe and outside is also seen to be affected in the heat of war. Russia is facing tough sanctions. But it has also made the US and NATO member states think by constantly warning of successful missile tests and nuclear attacks. Find out what was the impact of the war on Russia-Ukraine as well as On India and the world.

6.8 million Ukrainian citizens were forced to flee the country: Due to the Russian invasion, 6.8 million people in Ukraine have been forced to flee, which is about 15% of its population, i.e. one in every 6 Ukrainians are seen to be forced to leave the country. Some reports say that out of these 6.8 million people, about 3.6 million people have arrived in Poland, due to which its population has seen a jump of 10%.

In 2021, where the population of Ukraine was 43 million, it is now reduced to 37 million. On the other hand, 80 million people have been internally displaced in Ukraine, for this reason, a major humanitarian crisis has been found to be seen. This crisis is so dire that with every passing second in Ukraine a child is becoming a war refugee.

Russia has so far been imposed with more than 10,000 sanctions: The Western country seems to be constantly tightening the screws of sanctions on Russia to besiege it. According to reports, 5,831 sanctions have also been issued on Russia since the war began. Of these, the highest number of 1,144 sanctions have been imposed by the US. With this, more than 4,800 Russian nationals have been banned and 562 institutions and 458 companies have been placed under the ambit of the ban. In all, 10,159 sanctions have been issued on Russia since 2014.

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