Putin rejects Biden's peace proposal, sends Russian bomber to Ukraine
Putin rejects Biden's peace proposal, sends Russian bomber to Ukraine

Moscow: After military action against Ukraine for the past 10 months Russia has rejected US President Joe Biden's peace proposal. Russia has said that the ongoing war against Ukraine will not be stopped. After this statement of the Kremlin, such a movement was seen in Ukraine and the Barents Sea, due to which the risk of nuclear attack has increased. The Ukraine Armed Forces have said that according to intelligence input, Russia could launch an attack that has never happened before. Russia's TU 95 bomber has been seen in three places in Ukraine.

Efforts for peace in the ongoing war in Ukraine seem to be failing because now President Putin seems to be in a mood of rejecting America. Winning the war against Ukraine was no big deal for Putin, but America made it difficult. Sitting in the White House, Biden is playing the Game of Three Governments. Biden's own government on one side, Putin on the other, and Zelensky in the middle. In fact, Biden said yesterday during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday (December 2) that he is ready to discuss with Putin, but there should be the talk of stopping the war.

The Biden administration had placed some other conditions regarding the peace agreement in the Ukraine war, which Russia rejected. Biden knows that Putin will never accept the condition America had set for the peace agreement. The US proposed that peace talks could be held with Russia, but with the condition that the Russian army would have to withdraw from Ukraine, which Putin rejected. The meaning is clear that what is happening in Ukraine will continue, but Putin is now in the mood to make this war full and final. Whose glimpse is found in this destroyer bomber of Russia. Russian TU-95 bombers have started hovering over the sky of Ukraine.

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