Has Russia really tested weapons in space?

Russia has rejected the US and UK claims that tested anti-satellite weapons in space. Along with this, Russia said that these allegations prove that America intends to deploy weapons in space itself. US and UK officials claimed on Thursday that the July 15 anti-satellite weapon test indicated that Russia was trying to develop a technology that would threaten the wealth of the US and its allies in space can cause.

Russia's foreign ministry said in a statement that the July 15 test did not create any crisis in space, and it was done in compliance with international laws. The statement said that Russia's space activities and peaceful operations are being misinformed.

In addition, Presidential Office Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has responded when asked for comment about the US and UK allegations. In which he told the media that Russia has always been in favour of demilitarization of space and not deploying any type of weapon. On the other hand, Russia is going ahead in the war against Coronavirus. Scientists engaged in vaccination of Corona virus Among the hundreds of teams, some teams are leading, including a team of Russian scientists. Russia has claimed that it has completed the trial of corona virus vaccine on humans. However, now a report has revealed that Russian President Putin,big political figures and billionaires of the country got the Kovid-19 vaccine in April itself.


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