First phase of 'Sabki Rasoi' ends, food served to 16 lakh people

New Delhi: The first phase of the 'Sabki Rasoi' initiative, which started with the aim of providing food to the needy during the ongoing nationwide lockdown due to the Corona epidemic, came to an end on Wednesday. The 'Sabki Rasoi' initiative was launched on 5 April in 17 cities with 38 kitchens and 54 grassroots feeding partners.

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In the initial 4 days of this initiative, 5 lakh needy were given food, crossing the first stop. As the demand for food increased, its campaign was extended to 33 cities and 40 kitchen partners and 131 grassroots feeding partners were added, due to which the second stop i.e. 10 lakh meals was provided only in the next 3 days. 'Sabki Rasoi' has been successful in providing food to 16.5 needy in 33 cities in 19 states of the country in the last 11 days.

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'Sabki Rasoi' teamed up with 78 kitchen partners, 185 feeding partners and 2 delivery partners (Swiggy and Jomato). More than 2.43 lakh people were provided food in Delhi (NCR) with 5 kitchen partners and 32 grassroots feeding partners. Sabki Rasoi was also operating in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Patna, Hyderabad and other cities.

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