Sacred relationship tarnished! Mother gave painful death by putting newborn girl in washing machine
Sacred relationship tarnished! Mother gave painful death by putting newborn girl in washing machine

New Delhi: A shocking revelation has come to light from New Delhi's Malviya Nagar in which the body of a baby girl Ananya Kaushik (about 2 months) was found in a microwave oven. The criminal mother Dimple Kaushik had killed innocent by putting her in a moving washing machine. The murder was committed a day ago and the body of the child was kept on the bed for 16 hours. The girl's body was hidden in the oven for fear of revealing the secret.

After this disclosure, Malviya Nagar police took the criminal mother Dimple Kaushik into custody on Wednesday evening. The police handed over the body of the girl to the family members on Wednesday after conducting a post-mortem. South District DCP Benita Mary Jacker said that the doctors who did the post-mortem told that the girl was killed by suffocation. Injury marks were found on the girl's body. Police officers told that Dimple was upset about the second child being a girl, so she killed the girl. Although the DCP says that why the woman has killed the girl, it is not yet fully disclosed. According to police officers, Dimple had put the girl in a moving washing machine on March 20 at around 12 o'clock. When the girl died, she brought the girl to the bed and covered her with a blanket.

However, the criminal Dimple told that the girl had fallen in the washing machine. The police is not believing his statement. When the family members asked about the girl several times, she told every time that the girl was sleeping. On March 21, she thought that the secret would be revealed, so she hid the girl's body in the microwave oven on March 21 at 4 pm. She then locked the room from inside and started beating her four-year-old son when he vomited. Gulshan Kaushik, hearing the cry of the child, His younger brother and Gulshan's mother went to the first floor. Dimple had kept the room locked from inside. These people went inside by breaking the glass of the room. Dimple was unconscious. She was taken to Madan Mohan Malviya Hospital. Doctors told them that she was pretending to be unconscious. After that, they took her home. When she remembered the girl after coming home, Gulshan's younger brother and neighbours searched for Ananya. Ananya's body was found in the oven. The girl's body had decomposed to a great extent due to being kept for 16 hours. The smell started coming from the dead body. The surprising thing is that the family members did not even know about the child even after smelling it. The doctors who conducted the post-mortem said that many injury marks were found on the girl's body. The girl was murdered by pressing her mouth. The police will take the criminal Dimple on remand by presenting her in court on Thursday and find out how and why she has killed the daughter. However, only the post-mortem report will reveal how the girl died.

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