Sadak 2: Mahesh Bhatt's talk before the Dhakar film; daughter does this!

Jun 16 2019 03:19 PM
Sadak 2: Mahesh Bhatt's talk before the Dhakar film; daughter does this!

Bollywood veteran film director Mahesh Bhatt is making headlines for his statements, and now he is going to return to direct from his two daughters' film "Sadak2" for a long time. However, there is yet another news item about Mahesh Bhatt. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt wants to provide more opportunities for disabled people.

Mahesh was present here on Friday with his daughter Pooja in a panel discussion organized by the National AbilyMic Association of India (NAAI) and meaningful educational trusts, during which he visited the corporate houses in the country's incompetent or disabled persons. Pleaded for employment opportunities.

Mahesh said, "I feel that as a human being, we must fulfil our responsibilities. At the same time, we should also support and bring forward persons in the disabled category because if we are unable to do so, we will do injustice to us. I also feel that if a society does not involve the so-called weak people in its progress, such a society will not be able to reach anywhere."

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