Safety tips for people traveling by flights in this pandemic
Safety tips for people traveling by flights in this pandemic

Across the globe, we all are suffering from coronavirus. With this pandemic, everyone who lives away from their families is hustling to go back to their home. It is important to be informed and take sufficient measures to stay protected and avoid catching the virus. Nevertheless, people who are planning to travel across places all over the world should also take care of these simple things. Here are 5 things you must keep in mind if you are flying during the pandemic.

1. Carry Only Essentials
It is extremely important to carry a care pack for your safety and sound. This care pack helps you to keep a balance of hygiene and prevents contact with disease-causing surfaces. 

2. Avoid touching surfaces

There is a high possibility that you may touch the surfaces which are very obvious but others might have used them too like ATMs, bags, check-in machines, elevators, and escalators. Avoid touching your face and use plenty of sanitizer before and after coming in contact with these surfaces.
3. Wipe It Down
It’s extremely important to gently scrub everything down before using it nowadays. Just like before taking your seat, quickly swipe some disinfectant on your seat properly.

4. Zip Locks
Passport, mobile phone, and wallets- secure everything up in a zip lock bag to avoid bringing them in contact with infected surfaces.

6. Human Contact
Prefer technology over human contact. Yes, it's for your safety and use contactless options as much as possible. Get your boarding pass from the machine, avoid porter service, and carry your own luggage and maintain a six-foot distance from the staff.

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