Saif is doing No Preparation for his next!
Saif is doing No Preparation for his next!

Despite critics's liking Saif Ali Khan's recent release film Rangoon has not done well at the box-office. 

However, he has two releases lined up for this year one-Hindi Remake of the Hollywood flick Chef and the second- Kalakaandi

Saif talks about the movie, "Kalakaandi with its slightly Maharashtrian twang, talks about the many kaands that go on here, the mix-ups and the snafus. We're currently working on the music and after seeing the film, one of the coolest I've done, I've started loving the city even more. It's the city of hope, of dreams and opportunities for young people struggling to make a name, place and life for themselves alongside the rich and the famous."

 Saif on his character's unique name said, "It's a weird name but then it's a weird script. 

His brother is getting married and at his party, Rileen pops acid that one of the guys there offers him, and it turns out to be the best night of his life as he interacts with two mafia guys and an upwardly mobile couple who're dating but the girl is set to fly off to the US for further studies and this could mean the end for them." 

He added, "If Dil Chahta Hai cracked the surface of reality and normality, then Kalakaandi celebrates it." On his preparation for the film, he said, "Nothing really, I was pretty much playing myself, right down to the Hindi-English dialogue. Unless it was recalling what it was like tripping on acid as a teenager." 

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