Salman Khan charges huge payment for new phone Ad shoot
Salman Khan charges huge payment for new phone Ad shoot

The fees of the big stars of Bollywood are also huge, be it for a film or for an ad. When it comes to those who pay brand value or income tax, the first name comes from the Khiladi Akshay Kumar, but when talking about charging the highest fees for any one product, then Salman Khan's name comes. According to the recent news, his team has told that Salman is charging a fee of Rs 7 crore per day for advertising a mobile phone.

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This amount is the highest amount as an Indian actor can get for promoting a product. Salman, who has earned a lot of name in the film industry, is now earning a lot of money in the advertising world and he is also getting offers to work in advertising one after the other. So this time, he has broken the record by becoming the highest-grossing celebrity in the field of brand endorsement.

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There are reports that Megastar has recently been signed as the new brand ambassador of the fastest-growing smartphone brand in India with an unheard amount. According to Salman's official spokesperson, he got this smartphone brand by 7 crore Rs (per day) has been paid. Indian cinema artists have been paid close to three to four crore rupees for brand endorsement till now, but for the first time, it has been revealed that such huge amount has been paid.

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