Darkest secrets of Salman Khan that will blow your mind
Darkest secrets of Salman Khan that will blow your mind

Salman Khan aka Bhaijaan called Bollywood superstar today. He has a fan following not only in the country but also abroad and people are so fond of him that they book the entire cinema hall to watch his films. By the way, some controversies are also necessary to become a big superstar. Salman's career is full of controversies. Today, we bring you few controversies of Salman Khan which will show you other side of the actor. 

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Raise hand against woman- Salman Khan has also been associated with actress Aishwarya Rai. Both of them used to love each other but today their paths have diverged. The reason for the separation are different. In an interview, Aishwarya herself has told that Salman used to beat her unnecessarily. Not only this, he also doubted Aishwarya and associated her name with other stars. Apart from Aishwarya, there was a news  that Salman was about to slap Katrina as Kareena wore a short dress but at that time, Kareena had saved Katrina but no concrete evidence could be found so far. In this way, it is proved that Salman Khan is short-tempered and in anger he can beat anyone. 

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Black Buck Controversy - You all will be aware of this controversy. In this dispute, Salman has to appear in Jodhpur District and Sessions Court. He had allegedly killed two blackbuck in a village in Rajasthan during the shooting of the film 'Hum Saath Saath Hain' in 1998 and in this case Bollywood actor Salman Khan has also been in jail for 18 days. Salman has also been threatened with death in this case. Very few people know that Bollywood superstar Salman was sentenced to five years in the blackbuck hunting case, but he is currently out on bail and pending an appeal. By the way, not only Salman, but also Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam Kothari are also involved in the case of hunting blackbuck.

Drunken driving on sleeping people - This is the case on September 28, 2002, when the actor's Toyota Land Cruiser car crushed five people outside a bakery in Mumbai's Bandra suburb. One of them was killed and four others were injured. At the same time, Salman has challenged the conclusion of the lower court that he was driving the vehicle after drinking alcohol. During this time the actor had said that, "The trial court has wrongly convicted him on the charge of culpable homicide, as he did not know that an accident would happen". Four people were present in the Toyota Land Cruiser and their family driver Ashok Singh was driving. At that time, Salman was sentenced by a sessions court on May 6 to five years imprisonment on various charges including culpable homicide, but later his appeal was considered for consideration and he was granted bail and the case is still continuing is. In this case, Salman has spent time in a Mumbai jail and the case has ended in the Bombay High Court but is pending in the Supreme Court.

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Controversy with Vivek Oberoi - Salman Khan is a superstar and there is no secret in this and he leaves his mark in the hearts of people at this time. There was a time when Salman and Vivek's fight was in the headlines. Yes, there was a fight between Salman and Vivek after separating from Aishwarya Rai. It happened that Aishwarya came close to actor Vivek Oberoi after separating from Salman and Salman did not like this. During that time he called and threatened Vivek Oberoi. After this, Vivek and Salman became known enemies in the industry. Even today both of them are hostile.

Interview given to Pakistani channel - Salman was severely criticized when he claimed in an interview to Pakistani channel that 26/11 Mumbai terror attack was exaggerated because In this, elite (family) people were targeted. After this, he also tweeted on Twitter and wrote," Every person has the same value and any act of terrorism is wrong. Is unforgivable in any part of the Ia. Whether it is 9/11 or 26 /11. He even went on to say, "Pakistan should not be blamed as it is a failure of the Indian Security Force." After this he had a lot of controversies and many people even called him good and bad. At the same time, after this, Salman had come out and said, "It is being twisted and presented in the wrong sense. I just said that all people have equal lives. Whether rich man or poor man, all are equal. But some terrorist attacks get more media coverage. "

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Comparing Physical Exercise to Rape - Salman Khan was engulfed in controversy when he compared a physical exercise-filled shooting to a rape victim during a Sultan film. Yes, do you remember that this issue came before the release of his film Sultan and after this controversy, people heard him very well. At the same time there were many people who were supporting him on this matter too.

Big controversy but still one of the most popular actors of the world

In today's time, Salman Khan is popular actor, people are so fond of him that he gets his picture made in his room, even his name tattoo. Even after these controversies,  Salman is a superstar. Bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra has also said this. He once said in his statement that 'he beaten the woman, rammed the people, hit the animal and yet the hero of the country. this is not right. India is full of such fans. Although after saying this, Sona was trolled a lot and people abused her.

What do you think event after with these controversies, Salman deserves to be a superstar?


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