Salt is salty but fills sweetness in life, know it's benefits

Jun 19 2021 02:27 PM
Salt is salty but fills sweetness in life, know it's benefits

Salt is salty. Which is used in food. There is no taste of eating without salt. You can't eat food without salt but also to find life tasteless. Salt not only useful for foods but also bring happiness in life. According to Vastu, salt has amazing power, which is not only very useful for us in food.

Salt fills the house with positivity energy as well as gives us happiness and prosperity. For example, if the mind is disturbed, anxious or restless, bathe in salted water. In addition, fill both hands with whole salt and keep it for a while, then put it in the washbasin and shed it. Doing so removes negativity.

Salt is a panacea to get rid of the disease. If someone is suffering from a prolonged illness, salt should be placed in a glass container. After a week, change the salt and keep the salt again. Gradually, health will improve. Similarly, he thought before eating someone's salt: Never eat salt from an enemy or a sinner to be happy. Always make sure not to eat salt from them.

Salt also eliminates home tribulation. Placing a piece of  salt rock or standing salt in a corner of the bedroom can have an  positive effect. Replace this piece after a month and place another new piece. This will not lead to tribulation between husband and wife. To maintain the flow of wealth, take a glass of water and add salt to it and place it in the southwest corner of the house and put a red bulb behind it. Keep changing water and salt.

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