Samajwadi Party's Support to Mafia Figures Diminished, says Yogi Adityanath
Samajwadi Party's Support to Mafia Figures Diminished, says Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath asserted that under the Samajwadi Party's support, major mafia figures in the state have thrived, but thanks to decisive actions, they have now been significantly diminished. Speaking at an election rally in Ballia, CM Yogi credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership for eradicating Naxalite and terrorist organizations within a decade, leading to the cessation of terrorism in the state.

Encouraging voters to back Rajya Sabha MP Neeraj Shekhar, the BJP's candidate for the Ballia Lok Sabha seat, CM Yogi emphasized the party's commitment to honoring the legacy of former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar. He expressed confidence that the BJP would secure over 400 seats, including victory in Ballia, on June 4.

CM Yogi framed the election as a choice between "Ram Bhakts" and "Ram Drohis", accusing the latter of sympathizing with terrorists, opposing India's development, and exploiting the poor. He criticized the Congress-SP alliance for their alleged involvement in corruption scandals and inability to address security threats effectively.

Highlighting Ballia's historical significance and ongoing development projects like the Purvanchal Expressway extension, CM Yogi underscored the region's commitment to independence and progress. He contrasted the BJP's development-oriented approach with the divisive tactics of Congress and its allies, condemning their exploitation of religious sentiments for political gain.

CM Yogi condemned Congress's manifesto proposal for religious-based reservation, reaffirming BJP's stance against such policies. He emphasized BJP's dedication to upholding reservation for backward classes, scheduled castes, and tribes, rejecting any form of discrimination based on religion.

With the Lok Sabha elections set to conclude on June 1 and results expected on June 4, CM Yogi rallied support for the BJP and its allies, urging voters to prioritize development and national unity at the ballot box.

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