Samsung Launches Solutions for Deaf-Blind, Visually Impaired in India

Sep 10 2019 02:16 PM
Samsung Launches Solutions for Deaf-Blind, Visually Impaired in India

In a new and good effort, Samsung has launched the Good Vibes and Relumino app by Korean tech company Samsung for the vision and deaf people. With the help of this app, people can easily see and listen. The Good Vibe app has been created in India, through which the deaf or deaf people can be contacted. The Good Vibes app uses Morse code to convert text and text to vibrations. Also, Samsung has given two different interfaces in this app. Talking about the interface before it, deaf people will use it with vibration, gestures, and taps, while other interfaces will be used by ordinary people and will be able to contact them.

For your information, deaf people can download the Good Vibes app from Samsung Galaxy Store. At the same time, this app will soon be introduced for the Android platform. On the other hand, Samsung has prepared the Relumino app for people with low vision. Through this app, people with low vision will be able to easily contact ordinary people. The Relumino app adjusts any picture, small and big, highlighting the outline and color. If you also want to know about this app in detail, you can get information by logging in

In India, Samsung has partnered with Sense India, an NGO to bring maximum benefits to deaf people. This organization will make the Good Vibes App public. At the same time, Sense India has done workshops of Good Vibes app in big cities like Delhi and Bengaluru. If sources are to be believed, Samsung can launch this app with the Samsung Galaxy S20S smartphone. Samsung has also released a video about good vibes, in which it can be seen that this app helps deaf people. The video featured a deaf girl. That girl is unable to talk to her mother. But the girl can talk to her mother easily through the Good Vibes app.

Samsung is taking feedback from caretakers of such people so that the Good Vibes app can be improved. At the same time, only after the workshop, Samsung has improved in this app from text size to vibration. At the same time, the company has partnered with the National Association of Blind (NAB) for the Relumino app. Samsung Gear VR and Galaxy Note 9 will give this app and people will also be told how to use it. NAB Relumino App will be introduced for low vision students. With this app, people will be able to see better and with this they will now be able to learn new things in a better way than before.

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