Sankalp Yadav a Youngest Entrepreneur Changing Digital Game of 2021

You might have heard about some peoples are earning online as most of them are known to be an entreprenuer  or digital marketers likewise we have Sankalp Yadav a young age entrepreneur. He has been working in this field for the past 4 years. He started working at a very early age and earning as well. When he was just 13 years old he started working in this field he told us that he has faced a lot of difficulties in his initial days. Lack of his parents' support and many more hurdles. He began his journey by creating and selling apps at cheap prices to others by spending 10-15 days on creating a single application just to earn 500rs. He said that initially he faced a lot of hurdles.

He was born on 22 Aug 2004, in Etawah. His father’s name is Santosh Kumar Yadav.  Currently he is studying in 12th class and will complete it by May 2021. He is too determined and dedicated towards his works and his career . At his age most teenagers like to enjoy parties with friends and believe in wasting time on useless relationships rather than building their career. But Sankalp never gave a damn to these things he made career his priority.

At the age when children are looking for new ways to entertain themselves, at the same age Sankalp used to explore new things on youtube and through other learning platforms. He gained some knowledge from there but it was not enough so he continued practising website making and digital marketing. Sankalp found it appropriate  to collect knowledge instead of finding new ways to entertain himself. At the strength of his knowledge, he is helping thousands of people in the field of digital marketing. Many youngsters of his age dream of working for companies and try to search for jobs. But he is an employer .

Sankap Yadav has attracted more than 10 million audience on facebook in a very short time and is continuously contributing to the creation of digital India.

Sankalp Yadav is also a founder of, a news portal where you can get information about the latest news and events happening in the world. Sankalp’s Yadav application has recently been downloaded by 10 million+ people.

Sankalp is now a successful digital marketer and became a source for today’s generation. According to him age is nothing but just a number the person should have passion and determination only.

Our country needs more youths like you for the resolution of DIGITAL INDIAN,who can participate more for the employment growth and can become the job givers with their hard work. Our best wishes are with Sankalp Yadav.

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