Today is Santan Saptami, definitely hear this story during the fast

Sep 05 2019 04:00 PM
Today is Santan Saptami, definitely hear this story during the fast

Even today, child happiness is considered to be the greatest happiness in this world, so every parent wants to see their children always happy. Let me tell you that today is Saptami Saptami and on this day every parents keep a fast for their children. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the special story of today.

Santan Saptami Vrat Katha -

An ancient legend is famous regarding the Saptami fast. As per this narration, once Lord Krishna told Yuddhistra “at some time, Lomash Rishi came to Mathura. My parents Devika and Vasudev, served him devotedly, then the Rishi ordered them to get over the grief of their sons, killed by Kansa”. Rishi said “Hey Devika!
Kansa killed many of your sons and gave you the sorrow of sons’ death. To be free from this pain, keep the fast of ‘Santan(child) Saptami’. King Nahusha’s queen, Chandramukhi, also kept this fast. Then, Chandramukhi’s children also did not die. Devika, this fast will also make you come out of the grief of sons’ death.”
Devika said, “O God! Please tell me the methods of observing this fast. So that I could complete it in a systematic way.” Lomash Rishi, explained her the procedure of worshiping and also narrated the story of fast.

Nahusha was a glorious king of Ayodhya. His wife’s name was Chandramukhi. In his kingdom, there lived a Brahman, named Vishnudat. His wife was Rupwati. Queen Chandramukhi and Rupwati had a good friendship. One day both of them went to take bath in river Sarayu. Other women were also having a bath at that place.The ladies, had made an idol of Shiva and Parvati there and worshiped them in a systematic way. Then, queen Chandrmukhi and Rupwati asked those ladies, the procedure and name of the Puja.

One of those ladies said “we worshiped Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. We tied a thread to Lord Shiva with a resolution that, we will observing this fast up till the time we are alive. This ‘Muktabhran Fast’ is the giver of happiness and child.”
After listening to the theme behind the fast, both the friends took the resolution of observing this fast for their lifetime and, tied a thread in name of God Shiva. But, after reaching home, they forgot the pledge. As a result, after death, queen was born as female monkey and Brahmani as a chicken.

Over the time, both of them left the animal form and were born as humans. Chandramukhi, became the queen of king Prithvinath, and, Rupwati was again born in a Brahman’s house. In this birth, queen’s name was Eshwari and Brahmani’s name was Bhushna. Bhushan was married to Rajpuohit(oldest Hindu Brahman), Agnimukhi. In this life also both the ladies had a very good friendship.

Because of forgetting about the fast, queen was deprived from the happiness of getting a child, in this life also. In mature state, she gave birth to a deaf and dumb son. But, he also died on becoming nine years old. Bhushna remembered about the Vrat, and gave birth to good looking and healthy eight sons.
As a gesture of sympathy, Bhusna went to meet queen Eshwari, who was in the grief of not getting son. Looking at Bhusna, envy grew in the mind of queen. After Bhusna’s departure, queen called her sons for a meal and added poison in their food. But, as a result of fast kept by Bhusna, nothing happened to her children.
By this, queen got more angry. She ordered her servants, to take Bhusna’s children at the bank of Yammuna with an excuse of Puja and through them in deep water. But, this time also, by the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, sons of Bhusana had no effect.

As a result, queen called executioners and ordered them to kill the Brahman sons at the slaughter place. But, they also got failed in their attempts. Listening this news, queen got surprised. She called Bhusna, narrated the whole story and asked for forgiveness. Then, she asked why weren't her children dying.

Bhusna said “don’t you remember the incident of past birth?” Queen got surprised and said “no I don’t remember.”

Then Bhusna said “listen, in our past birth, you were the wife of king Nahusha and i was your friend. Once, both of us had tied a thread in name of Lord Shiva and took a resolution that in whole of our life we will observe the fast of Saptami. But, unfortunately we forgot and neglected the fast. As a result, we took birth in different forms and then we were born as human. Now, I remembered about the Vrat, and so, started observing it. By its effect only, you could get by children killed.”

Hearing this, queen Eshwari also observed this fast, Muktabhran, in a systematic way to get a child. Then, by the grace of this Vrat, queen again became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful child. From that time, for conceiving a child and his safety, this fast got popularity.

After listening to the story, in the evening Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshiped with incense, small lamp, flowers, fruits and Prasadm is offered.

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