Sarah Moin's Remarkable ICSE Success Despite Multiple Disabilities
Sarah Moin's Remarkable ICSE Success Despite Multiple Disabilities

Lucknow:  Despite facing multiple physical disabilities, Sarah Moin of Lucknow has achieved an impressive 95% in her ICSE Class 10 exams. Born with visual impairment and gradually losing her hearing after Class 3, Sarah's journey has been marked by determination and a thirst for knowledge.

Her parents, Julie Hamid and Moin Ahmad Idrisi, recount the challenges Sarah has overcome with divine guidance. They sought specialized treatment for her and continued her education at home using Braille materials. Recognizing her potential, Christ Church College, Lucknow, offered her admission to a special class led by dedicated teacher Salman Ali Qazi, where she thrived alongside other differently-abled students.

With the assistance of the Orbit Reader, a unique device combining a book reader, note-taker, and Braille display, Sarah accessed her textbooks, which were scanned and converted into digital files. Overcoming communication hurdles, she utilized technology and innovative methods, such as drawing words on her family's hands and deciphering alphabet formations with her mother's guidance.

Sarah's remarkable scores - 99 in geography, 97 in chemistry, 92 in biology, and 89 in physics - underscore her dedication and resilience. Her story serves as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of inclusive education, dedicated teachers, and technology in enabling individuals with disabilities to pursue their dreams. Despite her challenges, Sarah aspires to a career in science, aiming to develop technology for the visually impaired, propelled by her unwavering determination and the support of her family and educators.

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