Air India Flight Collides with Tug Truck at Pune Airport, Passengers Safe
Air India Flight Collides with Tug Truck at Pune Airport, Passengers Safe

An Air India flight heading to Delhi faced an unexpected incident at Pune Airport yesterday when it collided with a tug truck while preparing for takeoff. The flight, with approximately 180 passengers on board, suffered damage to its nose and a tire near the landing gear.

Despite the collision, all passengers and crew on board are safe, according to an airport official. Emergency procedures were swiftly put into action to ensure everyone's safety.

The incident led to immediate deplaning of passengers, who were then accommodated on an alternative flight to Delhi. Airport authorities have confirmed the collision and assured that the situation was handled promptly.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has initiated an inquiry to determine the cause of the collision. Initial findings suggest that the tug truck, which is used to maneuver the aircraft on the ground, struck the plane during the taxiing process. The investigation will focus on operational protocols and any potential lapses that may have led to the incident.

Despite the disruption caused by the incident, airport operations continued without significant delays. The affected aircraft underwent a brief period of inspection and repairs and has since been cleared for further flights.

The collision occurred as the Air India flight was taxiing towards the runway, just before takeoff. Airport officials ensured that the affected aircraft was promptly taken out of service for thorough inspection and repairs. Fortunately, this did not cause major disruption to airport operations, and the flight schedule resumed its normal course after the incident. Passengers were reassigned to another flight to Delhi, and authorities are working to prevent similar incidents in the future by closely examining the circumstances that led to the collision.

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