Saudi Arabia gives Diwali gift to Indian workers, abolishes 'Kafala system'
Saudi Arabia gives Diwali gift to Indian workers, abolishes 'Kafala system'

Riyadh: Taking a big step in the interest of workers, Saudi Arabia has ended the disputed 'Kafala system'. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has announced this. The new system will come into effect from March 2021. Workers now working in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to change jobs by ending contracts and will not be forced to work on low wages.

It has been said by the Ministry that the government is going to remove all the restrictions due to which migrant laborers had to be tied up in agreement with their employer even at low wages. The new labor reform reforms will come into force in March 2021. Let us tell you that a large number of Indians work in Saudi Arabia, in such a situation, this news is no less than a 'Diwali gift' for them. Deputy Minister Abdullah bin Nasser Abuthunain said that 'We have taken a step towards creating an attractive labor market and creating a good working environment. 'After the implementation of the new labor reforms, foreign workers will have the right to change jobs and leave the country without the permission of the employer'.

Let us tell you that this year Saudi Arabia, headed by the G20 group, is working on ambitious plans to diversify the oil-dependent economy and this decision of the government will prove beneficial for him. Because it will help attract high-skilled workers and create new jobs in the country.

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