Saudi Arabia is bringing augmented reality and voice recognition technology on board
Saudi Arabia is bringing augmented reality and voice recognition technology on board

Riyadh: The national airline of Saudi Arabia, Saudia, declared during the second Global AI Summit held in Riyadh that it plans to incorporate voice recognition and augmented reality into its services.

With the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority and the Saudi Company for Artificial Intelligence, Saudia has signed a contract to advance artificial intelligence in the aviation industry. Dr. Khaled Alhazmi, vice president of IT support and operations at Saudia, said the agreement is the first step in introducing AI products to the airline's services in an interview with Arab News on the sidelines of the summit.

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According to Alhazmi, the business is currently investigating voice recognition technology using the app SauTech, one of SDAIA's products.

"This app is incredible; it currently provides reliable results for the identification of Arabic dialects. And right now, we're looking into use cases and opportunities to start integrating it into our services," he said.

To ensure that they are the first to integrate AI into their services, the company also plans to adopt augmented reality and the Internet of Things.

Our strategic goal is to create a network of allies that will help us digitise our customer services. We want to give our customers a first-rate experience, he continued.

Alhazmi thinks there are numerous opportunities to incorporate technology into the industry and that the current digitalization practises at the airline, such as downloading tickets to personal devices, can be greatly expanded on.

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In accordance with a programme that prioritises the digital first, we are digitising everything. We currently think that it is necessary to use all current technologies, including data science, and put them in the hands of the customer. The company hopes to enhance its self-service options by giving customers access to a personalised platform that will let them design their experience to suit their needs.

"That's actually the main goal," he continued, "because we know that there is a new generation of people who are more interested in technology and who use it daily.

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To offer its customers meals that are both sustainable and of the highest quality, Saudia recently teamed up with the agritech firm Red Sea Farms.

According to Alhazmi, "We can see that Saudi Arabia is generally becoming more advanced in its adoption of technology than other nations."

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