Delighted by the worship of Mandodri, Lord Shiva made her meet Ravana in a temple!

Jul 20 2019 01:37 PM
Delighted by the worship of Mandodri, Lord Shiva made her meet Ravana in a temple!

There are many temples in the world which belong to Bholenath and during the month of Sawan, those temples have special significance. The Sri Bilweshwar Nath Mahadev temple in Meerut is the Ramayana carpet and says that Ravana's wife Mandodri worshipped in this temple. Yes, at that time, he was pleased with her worship and Shivji had given her the bride.

It is believed that Mahadev is happy to perform puja in this temple and fulfils the wishes of the worthy bride. There were many trees of Bilvapatar Belpathar which are very fond of Mahadev and this is why the temple was called Bilweshwarnath Mahadev temple.

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Katha - The wife of Lankapati Ravana used to come to Puja. In Meerut, it was the maika of Mandodri. Lord Shiva was pleased with the penance of the daughter of the Maya Demon, Mandodri and gave her visions in this temple. Mandodri lit lamps here for 40 consecutive days. The temple is full of devotion by worshipping Lord Shiva and lighting lamps for 40 days.

Ravana first met Mandodri in this temple. One of the features of Shri Bilweshwar Nath Mahadev Temple is that its main gate is similar to Badrinath Dham in Uttarakhand and the doors inside the temple are small, which can only be penetrated by bowing.

Brass bells inside also draw a special sound and there is a well inside, which is believed to have taken water from here and offered to the Mandodri Shivling. The Shivalinga installed here is made of metal, while the Shivalinga is usually made of stone installed in the temples.

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