Brought one of these 4 things home on the first Monday of Sawan, luck will shine

The month of Sawan is very important. This month has its own significance in Hinduism. The month of Sawan is considered dedicated to Lord Shiva and he can be pleased by worshipping Bholenath in this month. Not only that, this month yields the desired fruits of worshipping Lord Shiva. Let me tell you all that the month of Sawan begins on 25th July and the first Monday of Sawan falls on 26th July. It is said that the pujas, fasts, remedies performed on Mondays of Sawan are the ones that give instant results. Well, if some special things are brought home on Sawan Monday, the fate of the person changes. Today, we are going to tell you about the same things.

Ganga Jal- It is said that bringing Ganga water to the house on Monday of Sawan is considered very auspicious. In fact, if Ganga water is brought and kept in the kitchen, it can change the fortunes of the person and start bringing prosperity to the house.

Rudraksha: If Rudraksha is brought home on Monday and kept in the headroom, it does not take time to change the fate of the house. Doing so brings miraculous benefits. At the same time, the economic problems of the house are removed.

Ash: It is said that by bringing Ash on Mondays of Sawan and placing it near the idol of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva is pleased and gives the devotees the desired outcomes.

Silver Trident: According to astrologers, bringing a silver trident on Monday of Sawan removes the negative energy of the house. Moreover, on Monday, Sawan, a pair of copper or silver serpents and burying them under the main door of the house eliminates all troubles.

Do not do this work even by mistake in the month of Sawan or else it will be a sin!

Do these remedy in the month of Sawan, every wish will be fulfilled

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