Do these remedy in the month of Sawan, every wish will be fulfilled

The month of Sawan is the most special month in Hinduism. In fact, this month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and this time the month of Sawan is going to start on Sunday, the 25th of July. According to religious beliefs, those who worship Lord Shiva with a true heart in the month of Sawan get rid of suffering. At the same time, all the wishes of those who worship Lord Shiva on this day are fulfilled. However, Monday is also of special importance in the month of Sawan. Let me tell you that a total of 4 Mondays this year will fall in the month of Sawan and this year Sawan will last till 22nd August. Now we are going to tell you what measures you can take in Sawan.

1. Remedies for Married Life - Make shiv linga with clean soil on Monday to remove the problems related to marriage in the month of Sawan. Then offer saffron or turmeric mixed milk on it. It is said that a couple who does this brings happiness in their marriage.

2. To improve the economic situation- It is believed that offering saffron during puja on Shivlinga in the month of Sawan increases happiness and prosperity. At the same time, it eliminates the poverty of life.

3. Prevention of wrong deeds - It is said that offering perfume to Bholenath in the month of Sawan purifies and clarifies the mind. Moreover, doing wrong is prevented.

4. One gets freedom from sufferings​- It is said that Lord Shiva loves curd at last. In such a situation, offering curd to Bholenath in the month of Sawan removes the difficulties in life.

5. Recognition of fulfillment of desires- it is said that you should get up early every day in the month of Sawan. These days, after bathing, etc., you should wear clean clothes and offer black sesame seeds in the water offered to Lord Shiva.

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