These people should not keep the fast of Sawan Somwar even by mistake!

According to religious beliefs, the month of Sawan is considered dedicated to Lord Shiva. Bholenath is worshiped this month. Now the month of Sawan has started from today. In such a situation, many people keep fast on Monday of Sawan, but some people should not keep this fast. Today we are going to tell you, according to astrologers, which people should not keep fast in the month of Sawan. 

* According to Sanatan Dharma, the fast of Sawan Monday can be kept only by married women or only such girls who wish to get a groom. Apart from this, such young people can also keep fast who are married or in love with someone and want to marry them only. Couples living in live-in should not keep this fast and neither should those who do court marriage or else Bholenath gets angry.

* Those people who have wrong thoughts towards anyone, such men and women should also not keep fast on Sawan Monday.

* It is said that the month of Sawan is considered to be the month of love. In such a situation, according to the scriptures, Sawan Somwar fast should never be kept by such a loving couple, who stay away from each other. Yes, it is said that if the fast is to be observed on Sawan Monday, then the lovers who live separately should first unite. Along with this, divorced young men and women should also not adopt this fast.

* According to the scriptures, if a young man has wrong thoughts towards a woman, or who does not respect women, he should never keep fast on Sawan Somvar. 

There is also a belief that unmarried girls must comply fast on Sawan Monday. Along with this, unmarried girls should worship Bholenath with full devotion and sincere hearts. This gives them a good husband.

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