SC gave this decision regarding the Trump administration

The Trump admin has been getting an order by the SC. The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered that the Trump presidency can end census field operations early, in a blow to efforts to make sure minorities and hard-to-enumerate communities are properly counted in the crucial once-a-decade tally. The ruling was not a total loss for plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the administration’s decision to end the count early. They arranged to get nearly two extra weeks of counting people as the case made its way through the courts.

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However, the ruling raised the risks of the Trump regime maintaining control of the method that decides how many congressional seats each state gets and by expansion how much voting power each state has. The Supreme Court justices’ ruling came as the nation’s largest association of statisticians, and even the U.S. Census Bureau’s own census takers and partners, have been raising questions about the quality of the data being collected numbers that are used to determine how much federal funding and how many congressional seats are allotted to states.

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After the Supreme Court’s decision, the Census Bureau said field operations would end on Thursday. At issue was a request by the Trump administration that the Supreme Court suspend a lower court’s order continuing the 2020 census through the end of October following delays caused by the pandemic. The Trump officials argued that the headcount needed to end immediately to give the bureau time to meet a year-end deadline. 

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