Govt's big decision: Schools can't refuse admission to handicapped students

Patna: State government to take action against students who do not admit handicapped students in Bihar. According to media reports, those schools will be fined 10,000 rupees for refusing enrolment of differently-abled students. The Bihar Government can also withdraw the NOC of such schools. The Bihar Education Project Council (BEPC) has received complaints from several private schools in the recent past. The Council has written to schools across the state informing them about the same.

In many private schools, differently-abled children are not enrolled. When such children go to a school for admission, they are returned saying that there is no arrangement for them in the school. As per the rule, schools have to make all arrangements to teach handicapped children.

Students with disabilities also get a reservation of 5 percent under the Right to Education. While many schools do not follow this rule. Under the Right to Education, there is a provision to provide free education to 25 percent of poor children. In this, 5% reservation is for disabled students. Many school operators are also not aware of this rule. State Program Officer of Bihar Education Project Council Sunayana Kumari said that many schools are not taking admission of differently abled children. We have received the complaint. Whereas under inclusive education, there is now a rule for all types of children to study in the same school.

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