Detained 'Socialist perfume' maker Piyush Jain, recovers Rs 175 crore cash

Lucknow: DGGI raids have been going on for the past several hours at the house of socialist perfume maker Piyush Jain in Kannauj. The team had reached his ancestral residence at Chhipati Mohalla in the city around 4 pm on Friday and the raid has been going on till Saturday morning. The team is reportedly taking time as there are many lockers and rooms in the house.

The DGGI has also taken perfume dealer Piyush Jain into custody. Sources said that after receiving rs 175 crore cash in Kanpur, a large quantity of cash and jewelry has been recovered from here as well, though the team has kept everything confidential. According to sources, the team has found nine drum sandals, a satchel key, boxes full of 2,000 rupee notes. Meanwhile, 15-20 locks were broken and the same number of shelves and sticks have been cut. Employees were also called from outside to open locks and cut shelves and lockers. The force has been deployed outside the residence during the raid.

13 machines were called for work from Transport Nagar and the Malrod branch of State Bank of India (SBI) to count the recovered notes. 80 boxes were ordered to pay the amount. The money in a container was sent to the goods road branch of the SBI under the tight security of police and PAC. According to sources, the recovered amount, which has been counted so far in the raids, has been sent to the bank.

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