Scientists predicts, Corona could become flu of every year
Scientists predicts, Corona could become flu of every year

Washington: No one can guess today whether anyone is safe in this era of pollution and disease. Every year people have to face some new disease. Many times it also happens that people fighting with diseases lose their lives too. Scientists and health experts have started fearing that coronavirus should not become an infection like seasonal flu every year. In more than 60 countries of the world, about 90 thousand people have been infected with coronavirus and more than 3 thousand deaths have taken place. In China, there are now signs of its infection being controlled, but the number of infected people is increasing in South Korea, Italy, Iran, and India too.

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Scientists are now beginning to feel that the coronavirus cannot be completely eradicated, and it can come years like a cold-cough, chest infection and flu. These are all viral infections that usually bother people in winter. These occur frequently because the nature of the viruses responsible for these changes constantly.

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Viruses that affect the respiratory system: Prof. John Oxford of Queen Mary University, London, said that if they look at other viruses in the coronavirus family, it affects the respiratory system. Scientists have known such viruses for nearly 50 years. Now it remains to be seen whether Kovid-19 fits into their pattern. If sources are to be believed, Dr. Amesh Adalja of Johns Hopkins University said that coronavirus is not going to be chased so quickly, it cannot be eradicated without a vaccine. 

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The effect can last all year: It is still being speculated that the viruses of the coronavirus family spread more in the winter. Dr. William Scheffner of Vanderbilt University stated that viruses affecting the respiratory system are generally seasonal, but not every virus is the same. Now it remains to be seen whether its synthesis stops as the heat increases. The problem is that the winter season comes at different times in the northern and southern poles. If the coronavirus spreads only in winter, then its effect can remain throughout the year.

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