Situation of Afganistan worsens after Taliban agreement
Situation of Afganistan worsens after Taliban agreement

Looking at the geographical landscape of the world, the US has entered into an agreement with the Taliban. After this agreement, Afghanistan is left alone, where there is no wall between the Taliban and the Afghan government. Therefore, the Afghan government will now have to face the Taliban's direct attack, there will be no intervention of the US in this. The Taliban has made it clear that the agreement is with the US, so it will not be attacked only, but attacks on Afghan government bases will continue as before.

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According to the media report, Afghan women have already been very enthusiastic about this agreement. On Monday, a demonstration was also organized by Afghan women under the banner of the Afghan Civil Society. These women carried a banner in their hands, depicting the oppression of women under the Taliban rule. These women said that she cannot forget those days.

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This agreement is fine for the return of America, but the future has been done with the hope that it has been watering right from the beginning. The very next day of the agreement, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani made it clear that the Taliban prisoners would not be released before talks with the Afghan government. After this, Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah raised questions on the government's intention. Now the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has made it clear that the cut in violence is over now. His campaign against the Afghan government will continue as before. 

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